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Wilk - Muze Streaming Concert

Wilk - Muze Streaming Concert

Visit us @ Please enjoy the streaming concert we did at Cultuurcentrum De Muze in Heusden-Zolder (BE). This was our first "public" concert! Bandmembers: Guitar & Vocals: Jorg Dhondt Keys: Jan Borré Drums: Edwin van der Burgt Bas: Jef Ghijselen Baritone & alt sax: Katty van Kerkhove Tenor sax: Stijn Despiegelaere Trumpet: Siebe Duthoit Wilk BIO: Hi, my name is Jorg and I'm a guitar player from Belgium. Started at the age of 11, today I am 40. After years of being a wingman on countless international projects, the time has come to tell my own story, ooh I am ready! I'm afraid WILK does not fit just 1 box. Blues, roots, rock touching psychedelic boundries, americana and all them sub-genres that interconnect are dealt with, groove-wise. I have the impression that this kind of genres has been given the status of a canal or stream in Belgium. They are still there, but they are not really seen. They walk past a busy point somewhere, inconspicuously, out of the picture. WILK shows that Belgium is more than euro-beats, electro-pulp, traditional accordion and hurdy-gurdy. We show that Ghent, Flanders, Belgium has roots with balls in its guts! Raah... Music itself is limitless and free for me. When I start to play, reality evaporates into some kind of parallel universe. Concepts such as time can lose their boundaries, that's why a Wilk number 5 can sometimes take 10 minutes. There is a reason why some music are categorised as "timeless". ;-) Wilk embraces the world in which I live in a musical way. The people around me, what I love, the society that frustrates, childhood memories, future prospects, ... I dump it all in songs and hurl them to a willing audience. The guitar is put central. This instrument allows me to project my own emotion without difficulty. A bright red ES335, Gibson’64. Every musician recognizes the feeling of how an instrument can connect. It is the door to my soul. I immediately knew when I pumped this pearl through a '72 fender twin reverb that I had found my inner color. All WILK songs start with sound, which is then filled with content. These lyrics come out of a gut feeling and find their way to paper.   But WILK isn't just me. Super thankful is a mega understatement to express my gratitude that I can play with such a classy musicians, that these people support me and above all strengthen me in bringing my story. Thanks!   Let's kick it! Wilk.
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